Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Shower

It’s the question of the hour at this time of year! What do I give as a gift at the bridal shower? We’ve heard this question more times than we can count, so to help everyone out, we’ve compiled a list of some favorite, unique gift ideas. Sure, you could always check out the couple’s registry to be safe. Giving a gift that both the bride and groom will love never hurts. But this is the bridal shower, so consider spoiling the bride a little bit on this day, and check out the registry when it comes wedding time (YES, you need to bring a gift to the wedding too!)

A Luxurious Mani/Pedi Gift Certificate

The bride is likely going to be getting one anyway, so it may as well be on you! This is a great gift because it will help the bride to feel extra pampered in the weeks leading up to the big day, and keep her looking polished (no pun intended) through the many wedding-related appearances she will likely be making. The same could be said for a massage or other spa treatment. Choose a local spa for an ultra-luxury experience, or if you’re unfamiliar with the area purchase a gift card from SpaFinder and she can choose the spa on her own!

Glass Photo Vase

You could personalize this item yourself with pictures of the engaged couple, or the bride and her girlfriends, before giving it to her, or let her personalize it herself with photos from the wedding. Either way this modern keepsake will be sure to remind her of special times and serves the dual purpose of a vase. Check out the photo vase pictured here at Beau-Coup.

Monogrammed Travel Pillow

Start the honeymoon off right with a luxurious satin travel-size pillow from Beau-Coup. Airplane pillows are gross, and we want to make sure the bride is well rested for her five days in Bora Bora! This pillow can be monogrammed with the bride’s name, and is available in many different colors (so you could even personalize those if you know her wedding colors or her favorites.)

Wedding Time Capsule

What a fun idea from Personalization Mall! This time capsule will store all sorts of memorabilia from the bride and groom’s big day, and imagine how fun it will be for them to open it at their anniversary several years later! Help them relive one of the most romantic days of their lives with this fun gift.

Wedding Day Survival Kit

We just so happen to have this fantastic bridal shower gift available through The Wedding Belle! This kit includes EVERYTHING the bridal party could need in case of emergency on the wedding day: safety pins, Altoids, band-aids, needle-and-thread, etc. Don’t leave the bride with anything to stress over. If she has this kit handy, she will have everything covered!

Chic and Luxurious Bathrobe

Another wonderful honeymoon accessory: Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her honeymoon, but wouldn’t it be nice for her to slip on a bathrobe and still feel sexy? With this designer bathrobe by Jonquil available at Bloomingdales, she will look and feel fabulous while relaxing in style. It’s light enough for even the most tropical of destinations!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Roses and Lilies and Orchids, Oh My!

The first step in planning the flower arrangements for your wedding is to find a type of arrangement that appeals to you. Do you prefer a clean, modern, chic and minimalist look? Flowers like tulips, orchids or calla lilies are paired with simple, architectural containers to create this style of arrangement (see left, by Style Hive.)

Or perhaps you’re interested in a more traditional English garden style? This style can work for more casual weddings as well as elegant affairs. Flowers that work to create these arrangements are typically in various colors and may include roses or hyacinth.

You could aim for a more formal, romantic style with fluffy, delicate arrangements of peonies or hydrangeas to add to the days’ fairytale.

A fun, modern option would be to use gerbera daisies or zinnias for a pop of color and playfulness.

Maybe you’re interested in creating a warm, inviting space for you and your guests? Consider an earthy, warm arrangement that includes shades of yellow, orange and deep reds in the forms of sunflowers, orchids, poppies and berries. Place this arrangement in a terracotta container amongst a breadbasket and pillar candles on a wood table and you’ve got a tranquil and elegant atmosphere.

If you just can’t decide which style you love the most, consider your venue. A tented wedding can be transformed to suit absolutely any style so if your wedding is tented this may not help to narrow down the choices. But, if you’re wedding is on Cape Cod you may consider arrangements that are more free flowing, like the ocean, and less architectural and modern. Your arrangement might include ornamental grass in conjunction with white hyacinth to remind your guests of the ocean breeze and natural beauty. If you are celebrating at a loft in Manhattan, the chic, contemporary and simplistic look is probably your best bet.

Perhaps the best deciding factor when it comes to your flowers is the time of year at which are getting married. The seasons quite often dictate how difficult it is to find certain flowers and therefore the cost associated with using those flowers for d├ęcor can vary greatly from season to season. Ordering flowers that are in season can keep cost down, and it may help you to finally decide what it is that you actually want to use. Some flowers are available year-round. These include Asiatic lilies, Baby’s breath, Bachelor’s button, Bells of Ireland, Calla lilies, Carnations, Gardenias, Iris, Orchids, Roses, and Stephanotis. Here is a list of seasonal flowers broken down by the seasons they are most available:






Lily of the Valley






Calla lily**

Dahlia** Romantic centerpiece by My Wedding Flowers



Gerbera Daisy







Calla lily**






Sunflower Fun, flirty gerbera daisies.















Kaitlynn's personal favorite.

(Flowers by FloraLatte. Wedding by The Wedding Belle.)

Perhaps, like the majority of people, you are not a floral design expert and the idea of choosing which flowers to use is overwhelming to you. Fear not! If you have one favorite kind of flower, tell your florist. He or she will be able to come up with a design highlighting the flower of your choice, and you won’t have to worry about deciding on the filler flowers. Don’t be afraid that a flower you love won’t work with the location of your wedding. Orchids can fit into a traditional bouquet of flowers just as easily has hydrangea can, and roses can create a minimalist, modern arrangement as easily as calla lilies.

Finally, if you are still having difficulty deciding, speak with a florist or your wedding planner both of whom may have some unique ideas that you’ll really love! Most important: Have fun! Your arrangements will be beautiful no matter what you choose to do, so don’t stress over the fun details, just envision how lovely the final product will be come the big day and enjoy the process!

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