Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Rainy Day Affair

Every couple crosses their fingers for the perfect weather on their wedding day. Every New England couple probably crosses their toes too! After this past weekend of rainfall, and looking back on last summer's particularly wet weather, it seems like a fitting time to discuss "The Rain Plan."

You would never have guessed that this was Nikki & Mike's Summer 2009 rain plan!
(Photo Courtesy of Eric Laurits Photography)

#1 Know Your Options: Many venues provide clients with a backup space in the event of rain or inclement weather conditions. Make sure you know what your options are. Planning a backyard wedding? Figure out if the house can accomodate enough people in case of rain. Rent a tent! If a tent is not in your budget, trees, branches and leaves can serve as great cover during light rain showers so perhaps plan to have some in close proximity.

#2 Plan Ahead: Put some time and thought into your rain plan, that way if you need to use it, it won't seem like it is a backup plan. Focus on the flow of events, where things will take place and how you will comfortably seat everyone. If you keep your guests comfortable and happy, you will feel the same, and no one will never know the difference!

#3 Be Realistic: Listen to weather reports, and if there is a high chance of rain, make the call early. The earlier you decide to go with the rain plan, the more smoothly the day will run. Moving tables, chairs, flowers and centerpieces while guests are present causes chaos and is never ideal. Making the decision early will allow the event to look as though it was always meant to be that way and will give the people setting up time to make the new space look as beautiful as you originally envisioned!

#4 Hire A Wedding Planner: This is another perfect example of how handy having a wedding planner can be! I can't tell you how many time we have needed to change the initial plans for a wedding to accomodate rain in the forecast. Planners know how to handle the circumstances and keep things flowing and looking beautiful, and how to make sure the couple doesn't need to give the weather complications a second thought.

#5 Buy Umbrellas: Not only can an umbrella protect your beautiful wedding day hair and makeup from the elements, it can also serve as a great prop for wedding day photos! The Wedding Belle invested in white umbrellas a few years back and I can't tell you how many times we have used them!

#6 Don't Stress: They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck! Also, most photographers would agree that overcast skies create the best lighting for photographs. Relax and enjoy, don't let a little rain spoil your big day!

Umbrellas can make beautiful photo props!
(Photo Courtesy of Alexandra Daley-Clark Photography, Fall 2009)

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