Friday, November 12, 2010

Belle Turned Bride: How They Met

For the entire duration of our relationship Spencer has been exposed to weddings more than your average boyfriend. To say he is a good sport is an understatement. His football Sundays are often spent with a girlfriend on the sofa cutting out pictures from Martha Stewart’s latest for “inspiration” folders. In the summer our small dining room becomes a design workshop complete with the majority of Michael’s inventory. A stack of wedding magazines left on the coffee table was never considered a “hint” in our relationship. Spencer was doomed from the start.

Let’s rewind a few years…

We met at a bar, in Southie.

{Southie - n. a working class Irish American neighborhood of Boston, probably known most famously for being Whitey Bulger’s former digs; or for being the memorable back drop in 97’s Good Will Hunting. More recently it has become a popular neighborhood among recent college grads and young professionals from the “burbs”.}

Perhaps it was not the most romantic of beginnings, but my parents also met in a bar and have been happily married for over thirty years. They met at Cheer’s in Boston, “where everybody knows your name”. On the night we met, Spencer wanted to know my name, so I think it is fair to say that from the very beginning we were destined to follow in the footsteps of my parents.

Three years later what began as a bad pick up line at the local watering hole is about to become a marriage and we couldn’t be more excited! Spence is a genuinely kind, loving, funny and all around great guy, (a regular catch if I do say so myself). I cannot wait to marry him. Instinctively the inner planner in me also cannot wait to throw (and create) the party of the year…and so, the moment he slipped that beautiful diamond ring on my finger, the transition from “Belle” to Bride began.

This blog will follow our journey during the whirlwind of the year to come; because with an exuberant “YES!” I made it all so very official…this Wedding Belle is getting HITCHED!!!!

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  1. Very Happy to follow your journey with you in 2011! Congratulations again :)


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