Monday, December 6, 2010


Ever since we heard about the fabulous new site where it appears as though Etsy and weddings had a baby - we have been all over it getting inspiration and finding great ways for our couples to add DIY touches to their weddings without the trouble of the do-it-yourself part.

What better way to share our love of this new website than a giveaway! Leslie has chosen this absolutely adorable Ring Bearer Bowl from wedzu seller Paloma's Nest to give to one lucky reader of our blog.

Okay, so how do you win? In the comments, tell us what the most memorable moment was from any wedding you've been to. It can be a horrible moment, an inspiring moment or that you had the best cake of your life! One winner will be chosen at random on December 13th. Happy commenting!


  1. It's hard to actually pick out one moment in particular from my sister's wedding because the whole thing was absolutely amazing! But since I have to pick just sister is known for taking pictures. She lives with a camera to her face and her daughter has to be the most photographed baby ever. Well, you know when the officiant 'presents' the couple and they turn around and everyone gets snap happy? At that moment, my sister WHIPPED out a camera, turned around and started taking pictures of all of her guests. It was hilarious!

  2. My favorite moment was just before I walked down the aisle. We waited to start the ceremony until my aunt and uncle arrived. My son, being the most punctual 9 year old you will ever meet, was pacing back and forth at the door waiting for my car to arrive so he could walk me down the aisle. We pulled up and he ran up to open my door, spun around, ran back to the double doors, opened them, and squealed with delight "SHE'S HERE" and then ran back to help my dad escort me down the aisle. His enthusiasm and joy is one of my favorite memories of any wedding I've ever attended.


  3. My most memorable moment was when I almost passed out walking down the aisle of my own wedding. Pretty awesome. :)

  4. My most memorable moment comes from a friend's wedding. Her reception was in a hotel ballroom and was just a blast. It was one of those receptions where you don't want it to end. The band announced it was the last song, so everyone hit the dance floor. Just as they were ending, LOUD music from a DJ started up in the next ballroom. They opened the dividing wall between the rooms, and the bride and groom surprised everyone with an afterparty. Full bar, DJ, dessert table, burger sliders, french fries, beer pong, you name it. It was awesome.

  5. Wow, can I steal Meredith's moment? That's awesome!

    Mine is such a tiny thing, but it stands out to me as such a sentimental moment - it's from my own wedding - after such a long, wonderful day in our tux and wedding dress, my husband and I had our limo driver wing by our house on the way to our wedding-night hotel after the reception so that we could change into sweats and slippers. We had a blast rushing around, laughing, and getting comfy - all the while reminiscing about the day. We were so happy.

    I'm not sure they believed us when we checked into the hotel and we said, yes, we'd just gotten married. :)

  6. Such lovely memories!

    My most memorable moment was when my dad (the officiant) announced at the beginning of the ceremony that if anyone's cell phone went off, they would be paying for the wedding. Big laughs!


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