Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vendor Highlights: Dan Griffiths

Time to highlight another favorite vendor! Dan Griffiths is a Justice of the Peace that we've worked with many times and LOVE! Below he talks about his own experiences and what it all means to him. Also check out the pictures throughout of him in action at some of our weddings over the last few years!

Photo Courtesy of Garone Photography, LLC

"I became a JP as I had the experience of hearing someone perform a friend of mines ceremony and it touched my heart. I knew right then and there how important it was to have a really great Justice of the Peace. Since that time to now I work hard at each wedding to make it very special and meaningful not only to the couple but also for their family and guests.

I have been performing weddings for over 20 years now and I perform each one as if it was my first one.

Photo Courtesy of Sharyn Peavey

I cannot tell you how it brings me joy to be part of someone’s special day and then to receive a comment like this one!"

Matt and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts from making our wedding ceremony so perfect. We received such heartfelt and sincere comments of adoration from our guests—they said they had never attended such a beautiful ceremony! Thank-you for being so open and willing to let us orchestrate all the different elements of the evening; in particular, for your help in bringing our vision for the wine/letter ceremony to life! I can't say enough words to thank you for being such a kind and genuine person, and we feel so lucky to have had your lives joined together by you!

All the best, and thank-you again! Jill & Matt

"I help each couple to customize there own wedding and to make it special for them. I love what I do and people tell me all the time that it shows in my smile."

Photo Courtesy of Sharyn Peavey

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