Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding Belle Wisdom

Wedding Belle Wisdom: Making your wedding YOURS!

To correspond with our tidbits of wisdom that we post on facebook we're going to be sharing longer entries of tips, tricks, and ideas from the newest and youngest Belle! Sometimes a pair of fresh eyes makes all the difference, and this series of blog posts will highlight discoveries she's made that will help you become an expert at all things wedding. Whether you're planning your own, or just attending, our notes from the novice will keep you on track!

Rachael and Leslie at the recent Wish Upon a Wedding Launch Party
Photo Courtesy of Bleau Sky Photography

For the first of this series of blogs I would like to talk to those in the early stages of planning. It's an overwhelming and potentially scary time filled with expectations and uncertainty. For many it is their first experience planning something so monumental.

There are, of course, thousands of magazines, websites, online forums, and family and friends spouting out all sorts of sage wisdom. But when it comes to planning your wedding the biggest advice I can give is to make it YOURS!

While this sounds obvious, it is easy to get caught up in what is trendy and new. It may be a great idea, but the wedding will be much more personal, fun, and memorable if instead of being on trend, it is all about the happy couple!

So, how to make it all about you? Try building not just one, but a few inspiration boards! For instance put together one of things you and your partner love, another representing memories you've shared, another of places you've been, and one of things you both HATE.

Did you meet at a bar? Then place your centerpieces in beer mugs!

Did you climb trees on one of your dates? Check out these adorable trees that can be used as place cards!

By personalizing all the details, you'll make everything a conversation piece. It'll get your guests talking and relaxing, as well as take a great deal of the stress off of you.

Does this still sound overwhelming? You could always come in for a design session with Leslie! Or just look out for more words of wisdom from The Wedding Belle family.

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