Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ditch the Pillow

A trend we've seen a lot of lately is ring bearers toting anything but pillows and we LOVE it! From moss to sand dollars to nests, why go old school? Here are some options we love...

Moss pillow surrounded by birch bark. Photo courtesy of Aphrodite Wedding Photography

Similar to the moss idea, but a different take...

Love this nest idea from Etsy seller thepaperynook

Or if you want to go the more traditional route with an actual pillow try spicing it up with these options.

Dupioni silk with a shimmery gold backing from Wedzu seller Maihar Design

A "green" ring bearer pillow in lush cable knit upcycled from an old (and laundered) sweater. Wedzu seller Lillian's Garden.

Or take a tip from one of our brides and use some fabric with meaning to create your own ring pillow, like a swatch from your mother's wedding dress!

Here's a tip: No matter what you choose to carry your rings, use fake rings instead of the real ones. Slippery ribbon + young kids = disaster! Make sure the ring makes it on your finger by having the best man hold onto them. Nobody will know the difference!

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