Thursday, May 26, 2011

Belle Turned Bride: The Ceremony Location

As a child, Sunday mornings were not days to sleep in. The Griffin clan was up by 7:30 and out by 9 to attend mass as a family. Dressed in our Sunday’s best we shuffled into the pew and my sister and I listened (or tried to listen) attentively to the priest for an hour before scurrying off to Sunday school. I made an appearance in the Christmas Nativity play year after year as a lamb, a shepherd, a star, a wise man and even once, in the most coveted role, as the Virgin Mary; who gets to proudly recess down the aisle with a Cabbage Patch baby Jesus for the congregation to rejoice and admire.

As a result, at a very young age I knew that I would not be able to say my vows on a beach at sunset. As the years have gone by getting married in a church has become increasingly important to me as well. The grand cathedral style church that I grew up in reminds me of many I saw in Italy; breathtakingly beautiful and certainly the perfect location for our nuptials. Unfortunately it was too far from our reception site for guests to travel between the two. So once again we were on to plan B. We ultimately chose the church that Spencer attended as a child, and we couldn’t be more pleased. The icing on the cake is the pastor from my church will traveling down and saying the mass.

Similar to the reception site it is the perfect blank slate with just enough character for the Wedding Belle to transform into something amazing! Check back in a few months to see our design and a church full of friends and family. I can’t wait to meet Spencer at the end of that aisle!

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