Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brilliant Bride

Of course I am partial...I love my Brides and think they are the best! But what I love even more is when they come up with brilliant ideas that inspire me! Lindsay, our May 28th Bride, came up with a clever concept for her seating chart/place cards.

The place cards go hand in hand with the idea of the "Granite State", as she has chosen rocks as her place cards. Alright, you have heard of that before, I agree, but keep reading. Besides the Granite State tie-in, these are the reasons that Lindsay chose rocks for her place cards:

"They won't blow away. They add a tactile element when you hold them in your hand, you feel the "weight" of being at the wedding and the smooth texture (referencing our "smooth friends") LOL! I love the natural element they bring and by choosing river rocks, it ties in the Piscataqua River. But above all, they were simple and easy to make!"

The Brilliant Part: She, as most brides do, had trouble laying out her table assignments. When we ask clients after the wedding date has past, this is one aspect that is the most stressful and time consuming for them. She made the task much more simple! Lindsay took the rocks with each guest name printed on them and used them to create "piles" for each table. This allowed them to cover their kitchen table (representing the tent floor) and move the rocks around until they found the perfect seating arrangement!

Lindsay said, "They were so wonderful when trying to figure out our seating. It felt like playing a strange ancient wedding planning game, moving the rocks around and trading with Steve's (the Groom) tables and such." No erasing, no back space button, no frustration...simply, simple!! We love Simplicity!

Great Job Lindsay! We can't wait for the wedding on May 28th...

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  1. I love this ! True, we've seen rocks used as escort cards before but I hope this idea never goes away - it's budget friendly for the bride, earth friendly, and guests can take them home and reuse them if they want. I took home some rocks at a wedding once and put them in my garden. Using them to figure out table seating is so perfect - it was definitely one of the trickiest parts of our wedding and this looks like it made it much easier!

    Congrats, Lindsay!


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