Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Ways to Stay Cool at Summer Events

Another post in our series of "Wedding Belle Wisdom" all about how to beat the heat and be everyone's favorite hostess. Enjoy and stay cool!

It's that time of year in New England, and we've all been feeling the heat!

Given that summer is the only time you can almost guarantee that your event won't be snowed out, though, it is an extremely busy event season. Aside from potential snow there are a multitude of reasons to have your event in the summer months, which is why we're devoting this blog to fun ideas for cooling off at these events.

Number One - Multi-tasking Fan!

Whether it's the program or a seat announcement, or even just a bit of Asian flair, a small fan is a great way to keep guests cool. The fan can really help to tie in the theme, and is very considerate towards the guests.

Number Two - High-Tech Mini Fan

We aren't talking about any old battery operated fan here, folks. For a more relaxed and casual event (read no expensive and sensitive clothes) a battery operated fan that also mists water is the way to go! Place a few of these around the backyard and watch your guests feel refreshed in seconds! This one (the aptly named 02cool) retails on Amazon for $19.99, but they can be found anywhere nowadays for a price that fits your budget best.

Number Three - A Cool Escape

For your fancier events, there is a pricey but invaluable option. While many are aware a tent could be heated, did you also know it can have AC? For those planning events in the dead heat of summer this is a great way to ensure that guests will feel comfortable, food will stay edible, and the dance floor will be filled! There are two versions; one is a blower and the other removes moisture. For more information check out this article.

Number Four - Frozen Treats!

A simple and sweet option to beat the summer heat! Popsicles and Ice-Pops have long been favorites of over-heated children, but they work their magic on adults as well! They come in a variety of flavors and colors, so pick to match your theme, your colors, or your taste buds! Just be careful, these sweet treats have a habit of becoming sticky messes.

Number Five - Your Very Own Ice Cream Truck

Consider it outsourcing the popsicle duty! By hiring an ice cream truck you take out the hassle of shopping and lugging while bringing back guests childhood memories! There are many more options of ice cream, and much less mess to be worried about. Last summer we hired an ice cream truck for the Josephs wedding and he was definitely a hit with everyone!

Number Six - Duh, shade!

Whether from a tree, tent, or side of a house, nothing is more essential to keeping guests from high temperatures than shade! Even if there is no breeze, a tent keeps the beating sun off of guests brows and will be welcome relief. Even though you waited to have the event until it was going to be sunny, when planning a summer time event it is essential that there is shade.

And there you have it folks! Six ways to stay cool this summer, no matter the event. Stay hydrated!

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