Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not Your Plain Old Office!

When we opened our office in February we talked a lot about our beautiful design space. It is the space in which we design, plan, store, and display. Now we would like to introduce another use that is meant to help all people in the area!

One of our preferred vendors, Be Our Guest, has a substantial amount of inventory housed in our space. The idea is that when we have design meetings with our clients they can see a sample of all that is possible. Well, we'd like to open up this advantage to anyone looking to rent from Be Our Guest!

As they are based out of the Boston area it can be difficult and time consuming to visit their office. So why not see us instead! You don't have to be using our services to take advantage, and you know that you will be looking at the merchandise with someone who knows the products and Be Our Guest very well!

Our office is open by appointment, so please give us a call at 603-828-1525. We'd love to help!

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