Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vendor Highlights: MAC Photography

We work with some truly fantastic vendors, and want to continue our series of sharing them with you! Up next, MAC Photography! Check out some of their photos below and read about why we love them!

MAC Photography, located in Downtown Portsmouth NH, consists of a team of professional artists dedicated to preserving your wedding memories. They offer over ten years of professionalism combined with a unique blend of classic and modern photography. It is their goal to find that special difference with each and every client. They pride themselves in capturing the fine points of your day with style and elegance and their professional artistry is well known throughout the Seacoast for doing just that!

Place cards from a Wentworth By the Sea event.

“There are three key elements that separate us from our competition! First is our digital enhancements. Digital imaging plays a hug role in photography, it is not only important to hire a great photographer but also someone who is well educated in the latest digital enhancing techniques. We offer digital enhancements free of charge, every single printed photograph whether it’s a wall portrait, wallet, or album page is retouched complimentary. Our standard enhancements include whitening and brightening of teeth, evening skin tones, and saturating colors but we can even go as far as changing blinking eyes, moving signs and cars, and make body parts slimmer."

"Second is the way we photograph client’s wedding details and use them as textures and graphic elements within the wedding pictures and album pages. This look transforms wedding images into custom artwork."

"And third is the amount of planning we do with clients to ensure the day goes smoothly. Approximately two months before the wedding we meet the couple at the reception site to scout out spots for pictures outside and inside in case it rains. It’s very important for us to establish an A & B plan before the wedding day. We complete a family formal questionnaire and create a wedding itinerary for the bridal party and wedding vendors. We started offering this service because we wanted to relieve our couples of any stress on the wedding day."

- Michelle Brewster and Jodi Ramos, MAC Photography.

Visit MAC Photography at to view their full portfolio, pricing and packages, and review what past couples thought about their services.
MAC Photography
500 Market St #2B
Portsmouth NH 03801

Dress from Madeleine's Daughter

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