Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's finally here!!

Ever met someone so genuine and kind that your heart smiles a little bit when you’re around them? That’s the best way I can think of to describe Joe, Joanne, and their love for one another. Faced with unimaginable obstacles the two have been able to focus on what is truly important in life, which for them is each other. While they had dreamed of a wedding, the medical bills and uncertain future made that dream seem nearly impossible.

A photo of Joanne and Joe at the launch party taken in a ShutterBooth Boston photo booth!

Enter Wish Upon a Wedding, a non-profit national organization dedicated to fulfilling wedding dreams to couples that otherwise could not afford the celebration. Our involvement with the organization began with the creation of our local chapter. As they launched just this last month, Joanne and Joe will be Boston’s first couple whose wish will be granted! To read more about the organization and how we fit in, click here.

We’ve mentioned them before but today is even more important as it’s their WEDDING DAY!! So many amazing vendors have come together to make this moment possible, and we’re so excited it is here! Today is a day not about doctors, chemicals, and disease for Joe and Joanne. Instead today is a chance for them to be themselves, be happy, and enjoy their time together with friends and family.
Once we have professional photos and know we won’t be spoiling any last minute surprises, we will share many more details about this very special day. Until then, we wish Joe and Joanne all the happiness on this their wedding day. May it be as beautiful as they are, and filled with memories that all can cherish forever.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not Your Plain Old Office!

When we opened our office in February we talked a lot about our beautiful design space. It is the space in which we design, plan, store, and display. Now we would like to introduce another use that is meant to help all people in the area!

One of our preferred vendors, Be Our Guest, has a substantial amount of inventory housed in our space. The idea is that when we have design meetings with our clients they can see a sample of all that is possible. Well, we'd like to open up this advantage to anyone looking to rent from Be Our Guest!

As they are based out of the Boston area it can be difficult and time consuming to visit their office. So why not see us instead! You don't have to be using our services to take advantage, and you know that you will be looking at the merchandise with someone who knows the products and Be Our Guest very well!

Our office is open by appointment, so please give us a call at 603-828-1525. We'd love to help!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Ways to Stay Cool at Summer Events

Another post in our series of "Wedding Belle Wisdom" all about how to beat the heat and be everyone's favorite hostess. Enjoy and stay cool!

It's that time of year in New England, and we've all been feeling the heat!

Given that summer is the only time you can almost guarantee that your event won't be snowed out, though, it is an extremely busy event season. Aside from potential snow there are a multitude of reasons to have your event in the summer months, which is why we're devoting this blog to fun ideas for cooling off at these events.

Number One - Multi-tasking Fan!

Whether it's the program or a seat announcement, or even just a bit of Asian flair, a small fan is a great way to keep guests cool. The fan can really help to tie in the theme, and is very considerate towards the guests.

Number Two - High-Tech Mini Fan

We aren't talking about any old battery operated fan here, folks. For a more relaxed and casual event (read no expensive and sensitive clothes) a battery operated fan that also mists water is the way to go! Place a few of these around the backyard and watch your guests feel refreshed in seconds! This one (the aptly named 02cool) retails on Amazon for $19.99, but they can be found anywhere nowadays for a price that fits your budget best.

Number Three - A Cool Escape

For your fancier events, there is a pricey but invaluable option. While many are aware a tent could be heated, did you also know it can have AC? For those planning events in the dead heat of summer this is a great way to ensure that guests will feel comfortable, food will stay edible, and the dance floor will be filled! There are two versions; one is a blower and the other removes moisture. For more information check out this article.

Number Four - Frozen Treats!

A simple and sweet option to beat the summer heat! Popsicles and Ice-Pops have long been favorites of over-heated children, but they work their magic on adults as well! They come in a variety of flavors and colors, so pick to match your theme, your colors, or your taste buds! Just be careful, these sweet treats have a habit of becoming sticky messes.

Number Five - Your Very Own Ice Cream Truck

Consider it outsourcing the popsicle duty! By hiring an ice cream truck you take out the hassle of shopping and lugging while bringing back guests childhood memories! There are many more options of ice cream, and much less mess to be worried about. Last summer we hired an ice cream truck for the Josephs wedding and he was definitely a hit with everyone!

Number Six - Duh, shade!

Whether from a tree, tent, or side of a house, nothing is more essential to keeping guests from high temperatures than shade! Even if there is no breeze, a tent keeps the beating sun off of guests brows and will be welcome relief. Even though you waited to have the event until it was going to be sunny, when planning a summer time event it is essential that there is shade.

And there you have it folks! Six ways to stay cool this summer, no matter the event. Stay hydrated!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Vendor Highlights: Katrina Forrest

Recently we featured a favorite JP, and now we want to feature a health and life coach who we is a great resource for all those brides concerned about how they will look and feel on their wedding day. She's a great source of holistic and healthy inspiration! Below is a piece she wrote just for us!

Wedding Weight & Beyond!

Katrina Forrest

Are you in a panic realizing that you need to start losing weight for your wedding? Are you focused on that one day, or the rest of your life? So many brides focus on looking thin and perfect for just one day and spend months in constant anxiety employing crash diets and punishing workouts to lose weight. By the time the wedding day comes, brides are frazzled and exhausted. When the big day has passed, the weight comes back like a freight train out of control. Losing weight should not be about how you look, it is about how you feel!

Here are 5 strategies that I work with clients with for losing weight for your big day and keeping it off forever.

1) Get rid of Deadlines. They create WAY too much stress. Stress creates discomfort in our minds and bodies. When we have discomfort, we search for ways of relief. And the easiest relief is rich, salty, sugary foods. Sound familiar? Lose the deadline and shift your focus on how to feel good everyday. Set mini goals each week; like starting each morning with a healthy breakfast or get to bed 20 minutes earlier each night. Not only will you have a happier engagement, but you will be creating habits you can carry with you long after the wedding.

2) Exercise to relieve stress or just have some fun. Find exercise that you love to do and schedule it in among the dress fittings and spa appointments. Make a date with your fiancé to go for a walk to reconnect. Promise him you will not talk about wedding stuff and just enjoy each other’s company. Try a Zumba class and learn some new moves for the wedding day. Need a challenge or never worked out before? Join a local fitness facility or hire a personal trainer to get you set up with a program that works best for you.

3) Eat a daily balanced diet. Do not cut out entire food groups or starve yourself. Your body needs carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. Eat fruits and unlimited veggies to give you sustained energy. Give into your cravings, but choose healthier options. Want burgers and fries? Make them at home with whole, fresh foods. Use organic, lean ground beef, sprouted grain muffins and make your own sweet potato fires. Start your morning off with a balanced breakfast. Try a veggie frittata with a piece of whole grain toast or a quick fruit and veggie smoothie. Here are a few recipes to inspire you:

4) Planning is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Think about all the planning that you are putting into your wedding day and honeymoon. Focus some of that energy to scheduling in workouts, prepping and trying new recipes and taking some down time for yourself and fiancé. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to prepare for the next day. Before you know it, this will be a new, healthy habit forever.

5) Ask for HELP! Stress levels are already high. Don’t try and do it all on your own and let your health and sanity suffer. If you are feeling overwhelmed, ask for help. Hire a wedding planning to help with wedding day details. Ask your fiancé to help out more around the house or have someone clean your house a few times a month. Work with a health coach to help you set small, realistic and attainable goals.

It is very easy to get caught up in how tight you want your arms to be or how you will look in your bikini on your honeymoon, but being so focused on the outside can actually prevent you from losing weight. You must create change from the inside out. This starts with having a very clear understanding about how you want to feel in your body on your wedding day- not just how you want to look.

Take some quiet time to picture your wedding day. How do you want to feel just before you walk down the isle? Picture your friends’ and families’ heads slowly turning to look at you. What do their faces look like? What you see in them should be a perfect reflection of how you feel. Practice this whenever you get a chance, and your body will naturally gravitate towards this state. All of the healthy habits you are creating will fall into place with far less friction.

Your engagement and wedding day should be one of the most exciting times in your life. Embrace this amazing opportunity to build a lifestyle and create a healthy body that you have always dreamed of.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vendor Highlights: Dan Griffiths

Time to highlight another favorite vendor! Dan Griffiths is a Justice of the Peace that we've worked with many times and LOVE! Below he talks about his own experiences and what it all means to him. Also check out the pictures throughout of him in action at some of our weddings over the last few years!

Photo Courtesy of Garone Photography, LLC

"I became a JP as I had the experience of hearing someone perform a friend of mines ceremony and it touched my heart. I knew right then and there how important it was to have a really great Justice of the Peace. Since that time to now I work hard at each wedding to make it very special and meaningful not only to the couple but also for their family and guests.

I have been performing weddings for over 20 years now and I perform each one as if it was my first one.

Photo Courtesy of Sharyn Peavey

I cannot tell you how it brings me joy to be part of someone’s special day and then to receive a comment like this one!"

Matt and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts from making our wedding ceremony so perfect. We received such heartfelt and sincere comments of adoration from our guests—they said they had never attended such a beautiful ceremony! Thank-you for being so open and willing to let us orchestrate all the different elements of the evening; in particular, for your help in bringing our vision for the wine/letter ceremony to life! I can't say enough words to thank you for being such a kind and genuine person, and we feel so lucky to have had your lives joined together by you!

All the best, and thank-you again! Jill & Matt

"I help each couple to customize there own wedding and to make it special for them. I love what I do and people tell me all the time that it shows in my smile."

Photo Courtesy of Sharyn Peavey

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Calling All Potential Interns!

We have a busy Summer and Fall coming up, and would love to give someone the chance to experience all that we do!

We're looking for an intern to become involved in all aspects of event planning. Below is the description of duties. E-mail any inquiries to We look forward to hearing from you!

We’re looking to grow our Wedding Belle family!

In the past we’ve had some really incredible interns and want to continue the tradition of this mutually beneficial relationship! Below is a description of duties we foresee the intern taking on. But above all, we are looking for someone positive, organized, and energetic! The wedding industry is fast paced and all about love, so a thirst for life is necessary in our intern. If this sounds like you or you have any questions, please contact Rachael at with your resume and a cover letter.

We look forward to hearing from you!

“Other Duties As Needed”

While this is normally listed last on internship descriptions, we feel this one is the most important! Given the nature of this business, people working in the field have to be ready for the unexpected and go with the flow. While there will be some things we ask you to do on a more consistent basis, the beauty of this industry is that the majority of your work will depend on which wedding we’re working on that week.

Update and Oversee Social Media Sites

This will include both updating the website with appropriate text as well as coming up with ideas for our blog, facebook, and twitter.

Assistance at Weddings

A chance to see all your hard work in action! From coordinating when the bride makes her grand entrance down the aisle down to the couples exit at the end of the night, we make sure the wedding is as the couple imagined.

Institute and Organize a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Program

Our business runs off of fantastic word of mouth from past clients. We are looking to put a new system in place to keep in contact with past clients and remind them of the service we provided, as well as what we can do in the future.

Sourcing of Materials for Upcoming Weddings

Many times we’ll need specific items for upcoming weddings. Items can range from mini pink crystals to the perfect antique bird cage, and we need help finding all the details that make the wedding personal and beautiful.

Maintain Inventory

Nearly all we need for weddings are housed in our downtown office. In order to provide all that is possible for our brides, we need to know first what we have in house!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding Belle Wisdom

Wedding Belle Wisdom: Making your wedding YOURS!

To correspond with our tidbits of wisdom that we post on facebook we're going to be sharing longer entries of tips, tricks, and ideas from the newest and youngest Belle! Sometimes a pair of fresh eyes makes all the difference, and this series of blog posts will highlight discoveries she's made that will help you become an expert at all things wedding. Whether you're planning your own, or just attending, our notes from the novice will keep you on track!

Rachael and Leslie at the recent Wish Upon a Wedding Launch Party
Photo Courtesy of Bleau Sky Photography

For the first of this series of blogs I would like to talk to those in the early stages of planning. It's an overwhelming and potentially scary time filled with expectations and uncertainty. For many it is their first experience planning something so monumental.

There are, of course, thousands of magazines, websites, online forums, and family and friends spouting out all sorts of sage wisdom. But when it comes to planning your wedding the biggest advice I can give is to make it YOURS!

While this sounds obvious, it is easy to get caught up in what is trendy and new. It may be a great idea, but the wedding will be much more personal, fun, and memorable if instead of being on trend, it is all about the happy couple!

So, how to make it all about you? Try building not just one, but a few inspiration boards! For instance put together one of things you and your partner love, another representing memories you've shared, another of places you've been, and one of things you both HATE.

Did you meet at a bar? Then place your centerpieces in beer mugs!

Did you climb trees on one of your dates? Check out these adorable trees that can be used as place cards!

By personalizing all the details, you'll make everything a conversation piece. It'll get your guests talking and relaxing, as well as take a great deal of the stress off of you.

Does this still sound overwhelming? You could always come in for a design session with Leslie! Or just look out for more words of wisdom from The Wedding Belle family.

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